We have quite a few games, with quite a few rules. 

Click on the game linked below for the rules and tournament format. 

Among Us
Fall Guys
Rocket League

Each game is hosted on a specific platform for organizing the tournament play, and all announcements and communications with Tournament Organized are facilitated through our Discord - so make sure you're in our server!

Platforms for tournament tracking, by game and may require additional steps to complete registration. If you get stuck on instructions for the finishing your registration, check out the How to Play instructions.
Among Us - Facebook
Fall Guys - Facebook
Chess - Chess.com
Rocket League - Smash.gg

Magic: The Gathering Arena - MTG Melee

Click here for additional information on Chess
Click here for information about Reddit competitions

Click here for additional information on Minecraft 

Please note: There will be no prize money for the Minecraft community competition 

If you’re participating in official tournament games, join the Extra Life Discord so you don’t miss out on any announcements!