You may request to change the games you've registered for at Extra Life United until April 20th. After which, games selected during registration may not to be changed.

Requests to change the games you've selected for Extra Life United may be submitted through this form

IMPORTANT: We cannot guarantee your games will be available for any requested changes, as registration is still on-going.

By submitting a request to release currently registered games for new games, you are acknowledging the risk of losing specific games and/or not having available games to compete in whatsoever due to availability at the time your change request is processed. Any games released using this form will be returned to the available pool for other participants to claim. 

ADDITIONAL STEPS REQUIRED: You are required to remove your registration for any game specific platforms for game registrations you are releasing (Facebook,, MTG Melee), and risk disqualification from the entire tournament if found to attempt to compete in games you have released.

Submissions are processed weekly. Once your request has been processed, you will receive an updated confirmation email from Extra Life. 

If you have issues or questions, please post Extra Life United support channel in Discord, or email