Absolutely! We are extremely committed to finding a solution for our indefatigable international players to be able to participate in Extra Life on behalf of kids closer to home. Due to legal restrictions on raising money that vary country-by-country and those imposed by domestic governments here in North America, we simply can't list hospitals, take money, issue receipts, and send checks to foreign hospitals. 

With that said, anyone can register for Extra Life, regardless of where you live. If you wish to raise money specifically for the international programs of our hospitals, you should choose one of the following options when registering:

  • INTL Boston Children's - in Boston, Mass
  • INTL SickKids - in Toronto, Ontario
  • INTL - Children's National Medical Center - in Washington, D.C.

They can currently be found at the bottom of the hospital section list and are prefixed with "INTL". 

By selecting one of those options (with the INTL prefix), you will be ensuring that the funds you raise will specifically help to fund international efforts, and those funds will be directed accordingly within their hospitals.