My fundraising page and thermometer all show USD. Can I change it to CAD?

Currently, the fundraising pages and progress thermometer are all in the base currency of USD. 

Can someone donate in CAD?

Yes! Donors now have the option to donate in CAD through your page! On the donation page, if the currency drop down is selected, the donor can then change the currency from USD to CAD.

All donations made to a participant in CAD will be converted to USD on the display of their participant page. 

What do I do for offline donations?

If you have received an offline donation in CAD, on the offline form please put the amount in CAD. We will take it from there!

My milestones and incentives are in USD and cannot be changed. Can I change this to CAD?
Currently, participant created incentive donation amounts are reflected in the base currency USD. DonorDrive is aware of this and we are brainstorming together how to improve this and the experience for everyone!

If you have any other questions, please reach out to us through our portal!