Extra Life teams are a way for our participants to raise funds as a group! Donations cannot be sent directly to a team, but each person on the team can raise donations and their totals are all added together to show your team's fundraising total! 

The nitty gritty:

  •  Team captains set the teams fundraising goal
  •  If a member leaves the funds they raised will no longer count towards the team's overall fundraising goal
  • If a team captain would like to leave the team, they will have to send a message to us here to have the team captain position transferred to someone else, and then they will be free to join another team!

Community Partner Teams

If you're affiliated with a community partner like Rooster Teeth or GameStop, you'd want to join a Community Partner Team - otherwise Extra Life Teams are where all our wonderful gamers create their teams!

Team Captains

You want to be a team captain? GREAT! You've just increased you and your team's odds of raising EVEN MORE funds for your hospitals! Check out these tips and tricks to maximize your impact!