Keeping your information secure and protected is extremely important to us and we always want to be transparent with the community about the information collected!

Why do you ask for my address and phone number?

While it is never required to provide, there's a chance we'll actually send you stuff (via snail mail), and who doesn't like that?! We'll sometimes send wristbands, t-shirts, or even awards to our top Extra Lifers, as well as make a few thank you calls! Be sure to keep this information up to date so you don't miss out!

Do I have to use my real name on my profile?

Nope! If all your community knows you by your handle or gamertag, or you want to maintain some privacy online, feel free to use your streamer/online persona name!

How is my contact information used?

We use it to generate some of our custom leaderboards so that you can see how you rank against other community members by location, postal code, or local hospital!