Through inclusive communities, we strive to engage donors, advocates, influencers and celebrities to change kids’ health and change the future. When we fund children’s hospitals, we transform how we meet the most urgent needs, saving more lives and protecting our collective future.

Our approach is “people, first” when communicating with community members. We address them and represent ourselves as individuals to give them an authentic experience.

We are proud of our diversity and make an effort so community members feel safe and respected; bullying or harassment of any kind is not allowed. This includes degrading comments surrounding race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity.

We value respect and a spirit of hope.

Changing kids’ health is our utmost priority and community space is provided to assist donors, advocates, influencers and celebrities with their fundraising efforts. Topics not related to children’s healthcare or what members and/or members’ local communities are doing to help change kids’ health to change the future should take place elsewhere, outside our platforms.

Community members who do not adhere to our Community Standards may be subject to consequences including but not limited to warnings, temporary muting or removal and/or permanent removal from community spaces. If you encounter a potential infraction, please report it by contacting an administrator or moderator. We will take action if Community Standards have been violated.

Self-promotion unrelated to CMN Hospitals or its brands, spam and irrelevant links are not allowed.

Being part of any of our Facebook Groups requires mutual trust. We encourage authentic, expressive discussions, but please respect confidentiality and be sensitive to other community members both in and out of the Group.

Keep in mind as to how you are responding to rulings, mods, admins, or Extra Life staff in this group and on other public platforms. Disrespect and purposeful negativity will be reviewed seriously and actioned upon if necessary.

We expect all tournament participants to play fairly and within the rules and any code of conducts and terms of service pertaining to the game(s) and platforms they are choosing to play. Cheating, grief, exploiting bugs or game impacting glitches will not be allowed.

We monitor and may enforce consequences on content that falls within these three categories:

  • Off-topic content (ex. promoting or selling other products, programs or platforms not related to CMN Hospitals)
  • Sensitive, crisis or critical issue content (ex. personal/private information, controversial or conspiracy, societal issue content that has escalated)
  • Conflict content (ex. harassment, assault, profanity, rough language, sexually suggestive, sensational or shocking, intentional prejudiced hate)

Across all communities, usernames and team names are subject to the same review and guidelines as off-topic and/or sensitive content. Participants with usernames or team names that contain profanity, vulgarity or rough language will be asked to select a new name. Names reported to CMN Hospitals will be reviewed and handled by Community Experience.

Thank you for being a part of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals communities and for doing your part to maintain a fun and safe space for everyone.