Looking to learn more about being a team captain? You’ve come to the right place!

Team captains help push our mission forward. By encouraging teammates, scheduling play dates, and promoting team fundraising, team captains are making a difference in local kids’ care. The money that their teams raise will go towards life-saving equipment, pioneering research, and critical patient services. With over 5,000 team captains (and counting), Extra Life relies on these individuals to push fundraising totals and make a difference in the community.   

Becoming a Team Captain

There are three ways for you to become a team captain. 

1. The first and easiest way is during your initial registration. When you sign up for your Extra Life account, you can select "Create a Team". From there, you can enter your team name and details. In the process of creating the team, you automatically become the team captain. 

2. If you are already registered as an individual participant, you can become a team captain via your participant dashboard. On the lefthand panel, you will see an option to "Change Team Membership". From there, you will create a team and, in doing so, become the team captain.

3. If you are already a registered member of a team and you would like to be switched to being the team captain (in agreement with the current team captain) you can email support@extra-life.org and they can assist you in switching into the team captain role.

Can a team have more than one team captain?

Unfortunately no, they cannot. Each team can only have one captain and every account can only be part of one team at a time.

To learn more, see the informational document attached about being a team captain in 2021 and beyond!