We see you, yeah, you -- eating those Beanboozled jelly beans (gross!), shaving off your eyebrows, dying your hair every single color of the rainbow....

We know you have some big goals for your fundraising, but you also know it takes small steps to reach those goals! 

Enter, Milestones! Now you can add milestones to help get you to your big goal! Advertise all the crazy things you do to rally your friends and family to help you reach your goal of changing kids' health to change the future!

What if there was a way to put those beanboozled spins or handfuls of zombie skittles as donation incentives to help you get to those milestones? 

Enter, incentives! Add incentives with the flexibility to have start/end dates, donation amounts, quantities, and fulfillment details needed - all on created and managed by you on your participant page! 

Simply go to your participant page and click on the "Settings" tab, and scroll down until your see Milestones and Incentives buttons! Click those, and you're off to the races!

Then, when you're ready, download the new donor report found on the "donations" tab on your participant page! This report is only visible to you (the participant) with all of the fulfillment details you promoted from your incentive!

Want more info? Check out our blog! Still have questions? Reach out to us through our support portal!