**Note, this feature will convert all donations into USD and Facebook donations outside of the USA will not offer tax receipts. Fundraising pages can currently only be linked to personal Facebook pages.

You asked to fundraise for Extra Life on Facebook?! We’ve heard you! You can now seamlessly integrate your existing Extra Life campaign into your Facebook feed.

For anyone who regularly visits Facebook, they’ve likely seen Facebook Fundraisers in action. In fact, from 2015-2018, over $1 Billion has been raised for charitable causes through Facebook. This a powerful tool and we’re thrilled to empower you to utilize it for your Extra Life campaigns.

Follow these steps to sync your Extra Life page to your Facebook page:

Go to www.extra-life.orgIf you haven’t yet set up a campaign, sign up! Then, edit account settings. Hover over your profile icon and click “Account.”

Create Your Facebook Fundraiser

Then follow the prompts

Check out your integration within the Facebook ecosystem

Once the integration is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Facebook, you can solicit donations through Facebook’s donate button and repost at any time about your Facebook campaign through the Facebook Fundraisers page.

Happy fundraising!